Representing the cotton warehouse industry since 1937

What Can CWAA Do For You?

Government Relations:

  • Provide an experienced, effective voice on legislative and regulatory issues
  • Monitor federal legislation keeping membership informed and prepared
  • Work for fair and reasonable government regulatory policies
  • Communicate industry positions to appropriate legislative and agency representatives


  • The CWAA website
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Periodic emails providing up-to-the-minute information
  • Access to Interactive Membership Directory
 Annual Meeting:
  • Meet with members from all regions of the country
  • Review the past year's activities
  • Discuss and take action in formulating policies through committees
  • Network with customers or potential customers
  • Be exposed to leaders from all sectors of the cotton business, Congress, and Administration officials
 Industry Relations:
  • Improve the competitiveness and marketability of U.S. cotton
  • Promote and facilitate improvements in storing, handling, and distribution of cotton
  • Reduce costs through technological advances

 Member Relations:

Formulate and develop policy through service on a committee
Serve on board of directors
Identify problems and voice concerns on issues 
Recommend regulatory changes 
Work to change or enact legislation 

Cotton Warehouse Association of America
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