Representing the cotton warehouse industry since 1937

Our Mission

To unify the cotton warehouse industry through organization and cooperation.

To build a stronger, more efficient industry committed to prompt and reliable service.

To establish an improved liaison between warehousemen and all segments of the raw cotton trade, as well as state and federal agencies.

Our Past

In the 1930's an interior warehouseman and a port warehouseman discussed a shared vision of a unified national organization of cotton compresses and warehouses. Their vision led to an industry meeting in New Orleans on June 23, 1937, in which 38 warehouse owners formed the National Cotton Compress and Cotton Warehouse Association.

After splitting into two organizations (port and interior warehouses) in the early 1960's the two groups realized they had common interests after all. They came back together in 1969 under the name of the Cotton Warehouse Association of America.

Our Present

Today, more than seventy years after its founding, CWAA is continuing to fulfill the vision begun in the 1930's, representing a diverse, but unified, group of warehouses -- independent, gin, merchant, and transit, both in the interior and at the port.

CWAA, in close cooperation with other organizations and segments of the cotton industry, is in the forefront of building a stronger, more efficient warehouse industry.

CWAA plays an active role in developing, testing and implementing innovative solutions to improve the flow of cotton.

CWAA works to improve and enhance bale packaging, handling, storage and movement of cotton through use of improved materials and electronic technology

CWAA has a powerful and respected voice in Washington in former Chairman of the U.S. House Committee on Agriculture, Larry Combest, who serves as Executive Vice President.

Our Future

The cotton business in the U.S. is changing - and this uncertain environment requires dynamic leadership and honest communication. CWAA is actively working to identify issues and needs that present new opportunities and challenges for the warehouse sector and cotton industry generally. Our goal is to create positive change consistent with our mission.

Our Team

The CWAA benefits from the experience and effectiveness of Combest, Sell and Associates led by:

  • Tom Sell, an attorney and former Deputy Staff Director of the House Agriculture Committee.
  • Jeff Harrison, an attorney, former Counsel to the House Agriculture Committee and former Senate staffer.
  • Jill Whitley, from Lubbock, Texas. 
  • Brad Weddelman and Linsey Ogden, two young rising stars on Capitol Hill. 
From its founding, CS&A has worked with passion to honor the legacy of our co-founder, Larry Combest, and the mark he has left on agricultural policy in the U.S. and world.  Though Chairman Combest is now fully retired from the firm, we continue to strive for excellence in our representational efforts and all we do to stand for the agricultural producers of this nation so that  Chairman Combest's legacy continues to grow.  Learn more about the Honorable Larry Combest here.

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